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Expectations for Students

Playground Expectations

  • All food and drink must remain in the school.
  • If you bring a coat outside, you must wear it or tie it around your waist. Coats are not to be on the ground.
  • Mulch, snowballs, sticks, and rocks are to remain on the ground.
  • Jump ropes are not to be tied together.
  • Enjoy the big toy without playing tag.
  • Basketballs and rubber 4-square balls are the only balls to be used on the blacktop area. Balls should not be bounced against the school walls or kicked on the blacktop area.
  • Find a positive solution to a problem rather than fight.
  • When playing soccer, follow the rules taught to you by your coach and reinforced by the physical education teacher.
  • Line up immediately when the bell rings for your class to come inside.

Cafeteria Expectations

  • If you have a question or concern at any point during lunch, raise your hand. The duty teacher will come to you.
  • Talk without shouting.
  • Eat your food, as opposed to the food of those around you. Trading of food is not permitted.
  • Prior to a table being excused by the duty teacher, clean up the area where you are sitting (table, ground, seat).
  • Once excused, if it is outside recess, go immediately outside using the designated doors by the cafeteria. If it is indoor recess, go immediately to your classroom and sit in your desk chair until the duty teacher gives the class and/or you permission to move to another location in the classroom.